We buy gold

• We pay top dollars for your gold.
• Check with us before you sell or pawn your gold. We guarantee that we pay the most for your gold in Mississauga.
• We buy broken gold as well.
• You can also get collateral loan for your gold.

Sell your quality used goods:

When you need immediate cash, you can sell your quality used goods to us for instant cash. Our team of experienced buyers will provide you with a personal consultation to ensure you get top dollar for your items. We all benefit from buying and selling second-hand goods. The buyer wins if the purchase price is lower than the same item bought new. The seller wins by selling unwanted used goods instead of discarding them. The environment wins because recycling goods through the used marketplace both lowers use of manufacturing resources for new goods as well as reduces waste which must be disposed of. Finally, the fact remains that many quality used goods can be more durable than newly manufactured goods. We buy a variety of used goods as long as they are in good working condition – such as cellular phones, laptops, tablets, electronics, TVs, tools, musical equipment, car audio, video gaming systems, bicycles etc. Please call us at 905-629-0222 if you are not sure. You must be at least 18 years to sell your products and must bring in an ID with your picture.

Collateral loan for your quality used goods:

If you need immediate cash and if you don’t want to sell your items, you can pawn it with us with the option to buy it back. Why get payday loans when our rates start as low as 3%. At Cash Moola, we understand that everyone needs some extra funding from time to time. It's important to be smart when looking at your funding options. Payday loans may seem like a quick fix, however, they can be a financial pitfall with an extensive list of long-term disadvantages. With our collateral loan option, you can take as long as you need to buy your items back. You must be at least 18 years to sell your products and must bring in an ID with your picture.

Short Term Loan / Cash Advances

A cash advance is a short-term loan, when you need it most. Our process is simple and fast.
1. Fill in the online application (click here) or visit us at 4120 Dixie Road, Unit 6 Mississauga, L4W 4V8
2. The approved loan amount is paid to you in cash
3. When your loan is due, the principal and fees will be automatically debited from your account if you are obtaining a short term loan without any collateral.
- Minimum 4 months of employment at the same job
- Get paid by Direct Deposit for a minimum of 4 months
- No more than 2 NSF in the last 2 months
- You should have a landline home phone number or a direct line at your office
- Should have the same bank account for minimum of 12 months
Documents Needed:
- Updated Bank Statement for a minimum of 2 months - 2 pieces of ID (at least 1 photo ID)
- Any Utility Bill to verify your address
- 2 personal cheques
- 2 latest Pay Stubs in Original

Instant Non-collateral Cash Loans

We provide instant cash loans from $500 to $50,000
Very fast approval
Please call for details

Consignment sales

If you have items that you want to sell and if you want the highest dollar for your item, you can place that on consignment with us and we will sell it on your behalf and will give you maximum amount after deducting our fees.


We can provide all your mortgage needs (NVR Mortgages – Brokerage License 11055, Niran Nadarajah Mortgage Agent License M17003374)
• First & Second Mortgages
• Self Employed at best rates
• Commercial Loans
• New Immigrants
• Debt Consolidation
• Past Bankruptcy
Call us for all your needs.