Cash Loan

We now provide cash loans even if you don't have items to give as collateral.

You can get a loan for debt consolidation, pay off credit cards, home improvement, purchase an item, grow your business, cover medical expenses, pay for a wedding, buy a car, take a vacation, education, help a family member/relative or any other needs.

We have several lenders who provide quick approval - some approve in minutes and others may take a little longer.

You complete a very simple application form and submit the application. Your application will be reviewed and the lender will call you to complete the process.

Here are the information you need to have in order to submit your application:

Your basic personal, self identification information
Your total annual income before taxes
Your monthly housing cost
Your total monthly debt payments
Your estimated credit score. Some banks (CIBC) provide your credit score if you use their on line banking.

Once you provide this information, your information will be reviewed by the loan provider and they will contact you.

We do not do any credit checks. The chosen lender may do a credit check. You can check with the lender once the lender makes connection with you.

Please call us at 905-629-0222 or visit us to get your process started.